Believe in Them
by Luma Mufleh

"I highly encourage you to read Mufleh’s wonderful memoir, Believe in Them. Mufleh is a gifted storyteller who delivers provocative, indelible portraits of student after student making leaps in learning that aren’t supposed to be possible for children born into trauma."

Malala Yousafzai, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

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Luma Mufleh is the widely honoured founder and director of Fugees Family, a non-profit organisation devoted to child survivors of war. In her first-ever memoir, she tells her extraordinary story with the moving, inspirational force with which she delivered her TED Talk, viewed over 1.8 million times.

Herself a refugee, Luma fled from her native Jordan to the U.S. in fear for her life if she continued living in Jordan as a gay Muslim, leaving behind a family who had trouble accepting her when she came out as gay. One day, while driving through Georgia, she took a wrong turn and noticed some boys playing football in the street. She discovered that they were refugees. The Fugees football team was created. Soon she was not just ‘coach’ but also friend and mentor to these children and their families. As time passed, it became clear to Luma that the Fugees needed more than just
football coaching from her – they needed support, encouragement and education.

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‘Don’t feel sorry for them’ were Luma’s grandmother’s words about refugee children to her young granddaughter. ‘Believe in Them’. And that is precisely what Luma has done.