COGITO Publishing is a dynamic independent publisher of stimulating literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry, based in Bloomsbury, London. We take pride in publishing distinctive books, beautifully written and meticulously edited, that all have something interesting to say.

We work in collaboration with some of the UK’s leading and most respected names in the publishing industry, producing books of the highest quality, both in content and appearance.

We focus on the importance of quality over quantity, publishing a select number of titles, rather than aiming at building a large list of mass-market titles.
We are dedicated to being ethically sustainable, whilst recognising that there is always going to be more that we can all do to preserve the planet and the life we share on it.
We only publish books that have something thought-provoking to say, that encourage reflection in an accessible way.

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To use two words favoured by Descartes,
our ethos is clear and distinct -

we publish books that make readers think.

We believe that our first three titles below illustrate that ethos

A Man of Understanding

A Man of Understanding

Diana Janney

inspirational, philosophical, witty, profound

"Atomic theory may be beautiful in itself, yes, but the essence of blue for me, its purpose in the heavens, its influence on artists, poets, writers, philosophers, must surely be beyond reduction to something we might be able to create for ourselves one day in a science laboratory or a jam jar."

Fish Tale

Matthew Yorke

lyrical and dreamlike fairy tale for adults

"It goes without saying that man cannot live by bread alone. That to lead a sober and meaningful life we must submit to a Higher Authority, always endeavouring to exist not in isolation, but in harmony with our fellow man. Yet this conviction alone has never been sufficient to lift my compulsion to act rashly."
Fish Tale
Chronicle of a Good-Looking Family

Chronicle of a Good-Looking Family

Lauro Martines

family loyalties, guilt, moral dilemmas explored

"What was he, then, an old guy who didn’t believe in justice? On the contrary, he believed in the need for justice with all his heart and reason, and he could argue the point with total conviction. But he already knew that he would end on the teeter-totter of contradiction."