COGITO was awarded BEST PUBLISHER 2023 by The People’s Book Prize in recognition of its title A Man of Understanding by Diana Janney, which was Runner Up in the Prize’s Fiction Category.

Welcome to COGITO, an innovative, award‑winning publisher of high-quality literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Our name reflects our ethos:

We publish books that make readers think.
You will find only thought-provoking books on our list.

In the famous words of the 17th century philosopher René Descartes, ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’, I think therefore I am - thinking is what makes us know that we exist.

Our list is made up of titles by talented established authors with a proven track record at the top end of the publishing market. Our titles stand out in the marketplace as high-quality books that appeal to the thinking public.

We do not select a new title on the basis that something like it has already been a bestseller (and is therefore less risky). We choose titles where we recognise a gap in the market and we are prepared to take a chance on a title if we consider it to be an intelligent, beautifully-written book that will challenge the reader with a different perspective.


A percentage of profits will be donated to charity.
We are an ethically-sustainable publisher.
We are dedicated to doing what we can to preserve our planet and the life we share on it.