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Welcome to COGITO, a new, innovative, London-based, independent publisher of high-quality literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry.

Our name reflects our ethos:

We publish books that make readers think.
You will find only thought-provoking books on our list.

In the famous words of the 17th century philosopher René Descartes, ‘Cogito Ergo Sum’, I think therefore I am – thinking is what makes us know that we exist.

Our new list will include titles by talented new and established authors with a proven track record at the top end of the publishing market. Our team is experienced at publishing and promoting top-quality new work with high-calibre design and presentation. Our titles – both literary fiction and non-fiction – will stand out in the marketplace as high-quality books that appeal to the thinking public.

We will not be selecting a new title on the basis that something like it has already been a bestseller (and is therefore less risky). We choose titles where we recognise a gap in the market and we are prepared to take a chance on a title if we consider it to be an intelligent, beautifully-written book that will challenge the reader with a different perspective.

If you believe your work would fit with our ethos, we would like to hear from you. We will consider unsolicited work from both new and established authors of adult literary fiction, non-fiction and poetry, either with or without a literary agent.

You can read about our submissions process on our Submissions page. We aim to publish between four and six titles in our first year, so we have to be extremely selective.

When submitting, please be patient: there are very few publishers who are accepting open submissions at present, which makes us rather popular!

Look out for UPDATES as the day of our high-profile Spring 2022 launch approaches. Read extracts from our books. Learn about our authors. Pre-order online and receive a pre-publication discount. There will be signed copies available on certain titles.

A percentage of profits will be donated to charity. We are an ethically-sustainable publisher. We are dedicated to doing what we can to preserve our planet and the life we share on it.